Random Ass Road Trip #3- Scenic Caves Nature Adventure

I love to travel. I love it so much that if it were free, you would never see me again. But unfortunately when you are a student you are always precariously looking over the edge of bankruptcy’s cliff and can’t afford to go too far away from home.

Saw some excellent scenery on the trip
Saw some excellent scenery on the trip

If I have one goal for my blog, it is show all the travel bitten people I know that there are places here within driving distance that one can visit on a student’s budget, and that Ontario is much more an interesting place that one might think.

For all the nature lovers out there, there is “The Scenic Caves Nature Adventure” park at Blue Mountains. The same Blue Mountains famous for all the skiing.


About hour and a half north of Brampton, the park contains several, often claustrophobic, caves you can explore. Caves that, according to the park’s website, are over 45 million years old. One particular favourite of mine was a cave called “Fat Man’s Misery”, half because it was the most challenging cave, half because of the hilarious name. Some of our fellow heavier set visitors had great difficulty with “Fat Man’s Misery”, many of whom were forced to head back to the entrance.

_S7A6660_S7A6676  _S7A6614

The park staff recommend that you try the caves, then go to the “Thunder Bird Twin Zip-lines”, and then their famous suspension bridge, in that order.

The zip-line is an impressive feat of engineering. Two towers are connected together by a length of rope about 0.8 km long. At its highest point, the two side by side lines are a breath taking 300 ft off the ground and people travel upwards of 65 km/hr down the line to the other side. The scenic eye candy of the Georgian Bay accompanies you the entire way.


A more stationary venue for viewing the pretty sight of the bay is the suspension bridge, seemingly the pride and joy of the park. From this location, visitors can see the entire eastern shore of the bay and the seemingly endless waters of Lake Huron. This place is made for lovers of natural eye candy.

_S7A6756  _S7A6630_S7A6750_S7A6752

The park is very much affordable, they offer different packages depending on what it is you want to do. The cheapest most basic one is $22.57 for adults and that allows you to spend your day only exploring the caves and the suspension bridge. The most expensive one is $85.00 and that includes the caves, zip-lining, suspension bridge and a guided eco-tour of the tree tops on a network of rope bridges.

Me and my amigos opted for the Thunder Bird Twin Zipline package which cost us $45.00. If you want to visit yourself, I have provided a link below for you to look at.



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